Cathode material of lithium battery

The endurance capacity of new energy vehicles depends on the energy density of the battery. With the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for vehicle endurance mileage, high energy density has become the future development direction of power batteries. When the potential of traditional graphite anode energy density has been fully tapped, to further develop and improve battery capacity, silicon-based-anode of power batteries has become one of the best methods to solve the problem of energy density. Based on the purpose of "science and technology serve science and technology serve quality", The company's  lithium battery cathode material business has silicon-based cathode products with high capacity, high magnification, high first effect and long endurance. It insists on putting customer satisfaction first, providing customers with warm, meticulous and professional services, and upholding "win-win cooperation" is the company's persistent goal.

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Cathode material of lithium battery:

silicon based cathode


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